System Renewal helps companies develop, streamline, maintain and modernize their applications. It offers this help in the form of services, outsourcing and technologies.

p>We employ some of the best software for application modernization, including IBM's Rational Transformation Workbench, or Micro Focus' Relativity Modernization Workbench, as well as proprietary software, like the Batch Cycle Optimizer. Our services are delivered by a team of experts with an average of more then fifteen years experience.

Our services offer

We offer two categories of services: (1) specialized application modernization services, based on our long experience in this area, and (2) general application development and maintenance services, based on the technical and management skills we have developed in-house. In both cases, we hold to a particular set of values: maximum customer satisfaction, quality, professionalism and reliability. Continued

Our outsourcing offer

System Renewal can bring a team of talented, skilled and motivated Russian developers to work on your projects. We have more then 500 people working in a truly-distributed environment, consisting of 6 offices and development centers in Russia and other countries in Eastern Europe.

We have worked with a Russian outsourcing company for more then 15 years. Our Russian partners have fulfilled all their obligations at the highest level of quality and professionalism, and we came to treat them as our own people. Based on the high degree of confidence we have in our Russian partners, we have decided to offer their services to other American companies.

Our outsourcing model is based on the principle of "client controlled transparency." We take full responsibility for any outsourced project. It is up to you, as a client, to decide how much you want to become involved with the Russian developers. If you wish, you deal only with us and we will shield you from any oversees interactions. On the other hand, we can introduce the people to you and give you as much control as you want on the actual delivery team. Continued

Our batch cycle optimization offer

A batch process that was set up decades ago and went through multiple enhancements and modifications due to changing business requirements may have accumulated a number of inefficiencies. The Batch Cycle Optimizer is a software tool that helps discover such inefficiencies, resulting in a streamlined and optimized batch process which is easy to understand and maintain.

The Batch Cycle Optimizer delivers three types of functions:

  • Transparency - the ability to visualize and understand the batch process
  • Optimization - the capability to modify the schedule or the jobs in such a way as to deliver the same functionality in less time and with less CPU consumption.
  • Prevention - the ability to discover the scenarios that lead to possible disasters and to take preventive steps to avoid them.


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